Hypernova - short film

"A businesswoman struggles to navigate her increasingly alienating world, disconnected from her work, colleagues, and husband. Lost in grief, can she find connection amidst the chaos? A spellbinding, visually surprising drama of modern inner life, told using the expansive metaphors of outer space."

Written and directed by Tate Young.
Produced by David Fernandes.
Starring Natalie Lisinska.

Shot on Panasonic EVA1 with Sigma cine lenses.


  • Nominated for Outstanding International Short Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival 2020
  • Canadian Film Festival 2020
  • Hamilton Film Festival 2020
  • Hollyshorts Film Festival 2020
  • Edmonton International Film Festival 2020
  • Sci-Fi-London 2020
  • Arizona Underground Film Festival 2020
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival 2020
  • Oakville Festival of Film and Art 2020
  • Zed Film Festival 2020
  • Manhattan Short Online Film Festival 2021