"Greg brings his wide skill set and seasoned eye to whatever form he is working in - whether features, commercials, music videos, branding or corporate projects."

Gregory Bennett, Associate CSC Member, is a Toronto, Canada based cinematographer whose credits include legendary Canadian director Don Shebib's feature 'NIGHTALK', which premiered at TIFF 2022, Peter Hitchcock's feature 'A SONG FOR US', about the 1960's Yorkville folk scene and CSC-nominated horror film 'IT'S ME, BILLY'. Gregory recently shot director David Fernandes' horror series 'CREEPY BITS' which has been picked up for Season 2 and indie short 'LUNACHICKS' directed by Jess Joy, winners of many awards in festivals worldwide.

A keen observer of light and mood, Gregory has lensed numerous shorts, commercials and music videos and is comfortable in a wide range of styles and genres. His work has been nominated three times for CSC (Canadian Society of Cinematographers) awards and he won the best cinematography award for the feature 'THE BAD MOTHER' at the Hamilton Film Festival.

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Some kind words from people Greg has worked with :

"I highly recommend Gregory as a DOP on any feature film.  I found Greg to be a wonderful craftsmen with light and shadow.  He was very fast and efficient, and unflappable under any  difficult circumstance.  Our film NIGHTALK was made on a very low budget, and does not look like it at all.  Everyone who has seen the film has complimented the DOP. I would recommend Greg  as a DOP under any circumstance from low budget to high.  And he is also a very nice guy to work with!" - Don Shebib, Director, Goin' Down The Road, Nightalk

"I am finally breaking down the footage we shot in Toronto, and I just wanted to tell you how great you made it look. I know that room was tough and the schedule was tight, but you really did a terrific job, and I think it looks really good." - Paul Allman, Producer/Director, New York

"As a Director of Photography, Greg has an exceptional eye - an uncanny ability to visualize compelling imagery in any scene, capturing the perfect shot one might never even know was there. From production to post, Greg dives in head-first, never afraid of deadline limitations or last-minute adjustments, and always mindful of the final result." - Scott Wise, Director/Compass360 Brand Architects

Greg is a very talented cinematographer and videographer. He has one of the best eyes for lighting and camerawork in the business. Greg also works regularly under the most challenging of situations (limited time, crew, etc.) but he is always able to get visually creative and engaging images in the field. - Alex Lisman, Owner, Intrinsic Audiovisial Productions

"Greg brings his wealth of knowledge, experience, patience and creativity to every shoot. He has this uncanny ability to interpret what a Director has envisioned and expressed on paper, and bring it to life. He is extremely creative, professional...and above all else...an extremely genuine and kind person...making him an absolute joy to work with." - Rebecca Foster, Director/Producer/Foster Productions

I've been working with Greg on and off for 12 years now. I don't know any director of photography with the sheer talent and skill that Greg brings to every job, big or small. He's at the top of his game. He is a master of lighting and can turn the blandest living room into a warm, cozy and inviting space. He can turn a kitchen into a nightclub, styrofoam walls into a basement laboratory. He is constantly watching movies and videos looking for new inspiration and he brings this wealth of imagery to his work. Greg is flexible. He can light a beautiful interview as easily as a moody film set. He works harder than almost anyone else I know and still ends up being one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He's a brilliant Director of Photography AND he's a sweetheart. It's a very rare combo. - David Fernandes, Director/Producer/Pollinator Films Inc.

"I'm passionate about what I do and would love to help tell your story!"